Right click and select “open with”, then choose Preview. You can also see a preview of your image if you open Finder (for a Mac) or File Explorer (for a Windows PC). Make sure that your view is set to thumbnails, and you’ll be able to see previews of the images as you scroll. Ok, so with all of that, you’re probably interested in getting your hands on some WebP images. If you see one online and you want to save it, how do you make that happen? Let’s take a quick look at the traditional breakdown of image formats.

where to put json file in android studio

When making
network-connected apps, the chances are that it needs to consume some good old
JSON, sooner or later. So, I’d recommend that you open them using a specific application. I have shared all the legitimate ways below for different operating systems. I know there are other ways to parse JSON file and print it in a proper format. You may explore them on your own but these two are sufficient to do the job, which is to pretty print JSON files. If you want to modify the original JSON file with pretty print format, you can pipe the parsed output to a new file and then copy it to the original JSON file.

Read JSON from a File

The JSON document being validated or described we call the instance, and the document containing the description is called the schema. We have our other learning resources, including the Understanding JSON Schema documentation.

The value property matches the condition if it is either Open or Close. If both conditions must be true, the and keyword must be used instead. For other Linux distributions, see the jq Downloads page. Jq is available as part of the default repositories in Debian, Ubuntu, Fedora, and several other distributions. Below is an example of what a very simple Slack message (“Hello World”) with a couple of emoji reactions (an astonished face 😲  and a facepalm emoji 🤦) looks like as a JSON file. Federico is the founder and Editor-in-Chief of MacStories, where he writes about Apple with a focus on apps, developers, iPad, and iOS productivity.

Access compressed files from the browser

The very text-based and lightweight nature of a JSON file that makes it so versatile also introduces issues. In certain key use cases—such as eDiscovery—JSON files can be incredibly frustrating and hard to work with. Join today, and you’ll get everything new that we publish every week, plus access to our entire archive of back issues and downloadable perks. The app is free with a $1.99 In-App Purchase to unlock themes, custom icons, accent colors, and the ability to open more than two tabs at once. Jayson is a must-have for any web programmer who wants to work from an iPhone or iPad.

Processing large JSON files in Python without running out of memory

Our guide aims to help you compress your folder into a ZIP file so you can share, move or backup your data without any problems. Oftentimes, when you download files from the internet, you may find out they are compressed. Such files allow for sending multiple pictures or documents in one go. Various OS offer different applications for the purposes of compressing and decompressing files. Of course, once you’ve created a zip file you’ll also want to be able to unzip it.