The code is deployed in the subset of instances of the same environment and moves to another subset after completion. InBlue/Green Deployment, you have TWO complete environments. The Blue environment is the one that is running and the Green environment is the one to which you want to upgrade. Once you swap the environment from blue to green, the traffic is directed to your new green environment.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

Use these questions to determine how a candidate handled situations in the past. Know the general responsibilities of the full stack web developer. Answer this according to your skills and the tools that you have previously used.

What Is an Application Server?

They should be able to describe their approach in a clear, concise way, while shedding light on their industry knowledge. Those who get flustered or have a difficult time may not be up for a challenge. Long polling is a development pattern that surpasses data from server to client. When the client sends a request, and the information requested is not available, the system waits and return a response rather than sending back empty requests. State the language you like the most, the one you feel most comfortable in. Also give details on how this programming languages was used effectively by you in your work.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

It defines the properties and methods that all instances of the class will share. It has its own copy of the properties and methods defined by the class, and can also have its own local properties and methods. A polymorphic method is a method that can be called on different types of objects. This allows you to write code that is less specific about the type of object it is dealing with. For example, you could call the same method on an Array and a List, even though they are different types of objects. These questions are designed to test the candidate’s skills and knowledge.

Referential transparency is used a lot in functional programming. So, if there is a given function and input value, the output you get will always be the same. This means that no external state is used in the function.

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The two-phase commit strategy is designed to make sure that either all the databases are updated or none of them is updated. Ans – In Java, a connection leak is a situation when the developer forgets to close the JDBC connection, it is known as a connection leak. You need to be as specific as possible and go in-depth while speaking about the reason for choosing a particular toolset. Show a balance between your ability to develop both on the front-end and the back-end of the web application. Docker can encapsulate legacy applications, allowing them to be deployed to servers that would otherwise not be easy to configure with older software packages and versions. For example, whenever a request needs to be processed, it is inserted into the event loop and processed as soon as it is ready to be processed.

There are certain situations in which we cannot use immutable structures due to factors like memory restrictions. To overcome these situations, we can use Concurrent Collections such as ConcurrentDictionary, or use adequate locking mechanisms as explained in the previous question. The most important approach, however, is to avoid the need for thread-safe code. These are the main mechanisms, but there are many other specialized tools in C# to control thread concurrency.

To get the MIME type of a file or application session related information is stored using a servlet context object.

When you’re looking for senior .NET developer jobs, preparing for senior .NET developer interview questions is essential. Full-stack developer interviews are not hard as long as your technical skills are up to par. That means working hard to master one programming language and studying algorithms, data structures, databases, and networking concepts. Full stack developers are in high demand across the tech industry due to their vast knowledge and versatility.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

Rolling deployments don’t have different staging environments. They simply deploy updates to running instances as and when required. This question is an opportunity to show that you have good interpersonal skills. Start by describing a situation where you found that there was code that could have been written better or optimized.

How can you enhance your website load time and performance?

We can fix it by closing the connection and giving special attention to the error handling code. Long polling is an effective method for creating a stable server connection without using the WebSocket or Server-Side Events protocols. It operates at the top of the conventional client-server model.

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Why a DataOps Team Needs a Database Reliability Engineer.

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She spends most of her time researching on technology, and startups. Referential transparency is a term used in functional programming to replace the expression without changing the final result of the program. This means that whether the input used is a reference or an actual value that the reference is pointing to the program’s behavior is not changed.

You should know all of the conceptual underpinnings and demonstrate that you’ve worked on projects using that language. If you’re looking to diversify your portfolio, add an additional Senior FullStack Developer job language to your repertoire. Pair programming is a relatively new software development technique. The practice involves two programmers assuming roles known as driver and navigator.

Senior FullStack Developer questions

This allows you to write code that is more concise and expressive. It also makes it easier to use functional programming features. Candidates are tested on their understanding of static and non-static methods in this question. A lambda expression is a short form for an anonymous function.

In the conventional client-server model, this method is at the top. In Node.js, the same technique is called the next development model. It is a style of architecture used for creating websites and web applications.

When we wish to utilise this/argument in a function, we have to rely on the outer context since arrow functions don’t have this/argument of their own. When we need to hoist a function — since arrow functions are nameless. It is required that the name of the function argument to be unique. There is just ONE full environment in Rolling Deployment. The code is deployed in a subset of the same environment’s instances before being moved to another subset.

The inner class has a reference to the enclosing outer class. The first curly brace represents the creation of an anonymous inner class. Remember that the second curly brace will not be considered in such a case. In Java, double brace initialization is a combination of two separate processes. Create a package.json file and install the required dependencies.

Injecting objects or connecting objects with other objects is done by container instead of by the object themselves. Ans- This is a hypothetical question geared at understanding the level at which the hiring manager will gauge your readiness to start the job. An API for a site is the code that permits two programming projects to speak with one another. It permits us to compose mentioning administrations from a working framework or other application. Ans – Node.js is a single-threaded application but it supports concurrency via the concept of event and callbacks. Sellers know everything there is to know about the home market in their area and can give you a good deal. They know a lot about the real estate market and can tell clients how to make deals that are competitive. Visit